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real(ize) love

Do you feel unloved and wonder why?
Do you want to experience more love in your life?

The Love Mandala was born out of our desire to help people learn to love themselves and to genuinely experience love in their every day lives.  Laura Smith Biswas, the author of The Cosmology of Love, and Stephanie Miller, author of Confessions of a Failed Perfectionist, have joined forced to offer workshops, webinars and resources to heal self-hate and expand your experience of love.

Stephanie Miller (left) and Laura Smith Biswas (right), enjoying their first Love Mandala workshop. Photo by  Emily Anderson .

Stephanie Miller (left) and Laura Smith Biswas (right), enjoying their first Love Mandala workshop. Photo by Emily Anderson.


we believe...


 love is the most important human experience. Love is available for everyone.



love is something you create not discover.



self-love is the essential ingredient in every great relationship, whether with yourself, your spouse, your parents, your children, your lover, or your friends. 


the heart has a natural desire to open, expand and receive more love everyday.


the human spirit has an infinite capacity to love regardless of prior trauma, pain or loss.


most people struggle to experience love because they haven't identified their own style of love.


We can help you.


Discovering Your Ways of Loving Tutorial Video

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Schedule a remote session with Laura Smith Biswas. She began her training many years ago in reiki energy healing and then completed a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, followed by training as a shaman at the Shamanic Academy, and is a grief recovery specialist.


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