Feeling out of Control?

Some things never go as I expect.  I don’t know why, but I just come up with these ideas of how life should be that trip me up.  Expectations are like that.  Sometimes I have these unspoken expectations inside me. I haven’t even totally realized I’m holding them and definitely haven’t verbalized them or checked them with the other people involved. Yeah, it’s a little bit of a recipe for a bump in the road.  Seem obvious looking back of course!

I was wrestling with one of these situations recently and I got a very clear message from my guides.  Time to let go.   I thought, “Let go of what?” 

Well first, hard and fast expectations.  Those need to be negotiated and explored with the people involved.   But turns out that the message for me was relevant to an older habit – trying to control things in my life.  I didn’t even realize I was still doing it - until then.  So I made a very conscious choice to try to really let go, and it made me pretty nervous.

This is the message I got in return from my guides to help me navigate that anxiety of letting go:

That feeling you have of utter surrender and lack of control…. Get used to it.  Allow yourself to get more comfortable in your skin at that level of letting go, trusting and remaining committed to your dreams and ideals without fear.

It is in a sense the essence of what is necessary to create at a powerful level.  To release the need to control - is the alchemy that allows the Divine to step in, in a much bigger way to create with you and form the fruit of what you desire. 

It cannot be done when you are trying to control at your level.  When you hang onto how it must look or how it should show up or when it should be, it becomes the barricade to it happening.  It can so much more easily happen when you surrender control and let go. 

I know it feels like riding a roller coaster from the peak of the hill, where your arms are flailing in the wind and you don’t know when the ride will be over. This is when your fear can escalate to a peak, but is it not also exhilarating?

·      Can you feel that you are safe and sound in the hands of the divine?

·      Can you see that the divine plan in your heart - while at times completely unseen to your human self, holds the template of the most amazing ride you could ever know? 

·      Do you know that it is a ride that will expose all of you (your true self) to you?   

·      Are you aware you will find out who you truly are and know your great ability to be loving in all you do? 

·      Can you consider that it opens you to understand the incredible divine birthrighr you and every soul on this planet has to live in fulfillment? 

·      Do you know that it offers you possession of a deep peace that surpasses all understanding? 

Yes these traits and more are yours as you let go at this level that you have touched into. 

Stay in the NOW moment to attune to what is next.  Listen carefully to your soul’s song, desire and call.  It beckons you to a new life that is beyond imagination.  Let go my dear.  Let go.

Laura Smith BiswasComment