Facing Life's Little Disasters

So I had a string of things happen last weekend that was upsetting on some level.  I was traveling and I found out one of my friends broke her shoulder in a bike accident, my water heater flooded in my garage (my 2nd flood in 6 months), one of my children was really upset and I wasn’t there to help, flights were canceled and delayed, and so on.  Yes, nothing earth-shattering happened, but it was enough to disturb my sleep and throw me off.  It’s a simple human experience we all share.

But then I was reminded of a principle that I try to live by:  Everything in life is serving you on some level. 

Does that seem possible?  Even when really bad stuff happens like death, disease, big disasters?  Unfortunately or fortunately, I have learned that the answer is Yes.   If it is true, it’s not true for just most things or when ‘good’ things happen.  So I ask you to consider this – how could something upsetting be serving you?   It takes trust to even ask the question.

However, when you do ask, you open to the possibility of how this might be.  It is a mental muscle to strengthen - this way of looking at things in your life. 

It is essentially the practice of seeking to understand the higher perspective or divine purpose in your life.  Let yourself relax into seeing that what is present in your life is always a gift in some way.  Ask to be shown the deeper purpose if you can’t see it. There’s a silver lining in there somewhere.

Even your willingness to open to that knowledge will shift your relationship to the events at hand.  Then you have the possibility of learning and growing from all things, uncovering a sense of peace on those dark days. This is the gem available to us in every experience.  Let it shine and reveal itself in your presence through the asking.