Where is the Solution Hiding?

Accessing the Divine in Relationship

I had a beautiful experience with a friend who was struggling in a conflict with her husband.  It illustrates the power of accessing what in some circles is called “The Third.”  No this isn’t about a threesome, but a powerful teaching about inviting the divine as a third partner in our relationships. 

My friend received a phone call from her husband who canceled his plans to return from a long trip for her 40th birthday.  He decided he needed to stay longer with his children (from a prior marriage) before returning.  While she could understand his desire to be with them, she was naturally hurt and angry.  After allowing her feelings, she made a wise choice to open to a divine perspective to find a solution and speak up.

When we get stuck and feel hurt and angry with our partners, how do we access an answer and perspective that is more powerful than going deeper into our pain?  It comes down to inviting the divine presence to engage with us as a Third Partner.

Here’s how this super powerful tool of 3 simple steps works:

1.     Accept:  Honor and allow our feelings so we can come into accepting what is

2.     Invite and Discuss: Open to your partner to share your feelings and ask the Sacred Third* to come in and present a solution

3.     Be unattached: Choose to let go of how the solution presents itself

When we allow our voice to be heard AND invite divine intelligence to assist us, we open ourselves to a quantum shift in perspective that is more powerful than our painful story.  For my friend, she saw a way to both celebrate her birthday, honoring herself and join her husband in his desire to build a stronger family.  But honestly she couldn’t see it before creating an inner shift.

The trick is that you have to do the work inside; learning to move into acceptance and ask for help before you can see the possible solutions.  But I promise you – it works.  It’s such a magical gift to experience.  Give it a try.  As you see it happen over and over, you will find that there is no better way to come to peace, resolve problems, see the opportunities and embrace a graceful path in life.

May we access the power of joining with the divine in partnership, to bless ourselves and the lives of all the people we love.  

*The Sacred Third can be understood in many ways.  It might be what some call God, Source, The Universe, Vast Intelligence or the Light Within.  Use what works for you.