Navigating to your Center

I’ve been working on finding my center in the midst of going through a big life change. Most people call it a divorce, but I call it relationship transformation.  I don’t see it as an end of my marriage so much as the change of a relationship from being romantic partners to lifelong friends.  We still co-parent and even work together right now.  But we are all human, and it has been a lot some days balancing myself in the face of my family's emotions in such a big change. 

Have you had that experience in some way?  Finding yourself thrown off balance when you sense how others feel?

It’s a huge lesson in life, that you aren't responsible for other people's feelings.  But even if you know that, how do you hold your center in balance when you are sensitive to other's emotions?  

First, remind yourself you're not in charge of their feelings and that they are fully capable, having their own connection to the divine. Then focus on what you can influence - your own feelings (or vibration).   

Here's how my guides explained this part when I was really struggling with it: 

It’s really simple.  Shift to appreciation.  Appreciation for what - you might ask?  It really does not matter. It could be the smallest thing or a whole slew of things in your life, but it is getting into the vibration of appreciation that works. 

Take a tree leaf for example.  Even something that small can fill you with joy and appreciation.  It can be viewed as a microcosm of the whole universe and be appreciated for its veins, it’s color, it’s purpose, its gifts.  The air it supplies for you, the relief for your eyes, the texture in your hand.  All of it.  See how much there is to appreciate about the smallest object?

Now hear this - What you appreciate expands.  So if you root yourself in the beautiful elements of your life, focusing your heart energy on them, you receive more.  If you trouble yourself with small irritations and big unanswered questions, you create more trouble. 

So let us demonstrate in your life. When you seek to see the beauty of your relationship with any person, you give your power in that moment to the object of your focus and it creates a field in that interaction that returns like.  So your appreciation of that moment draws more opportunities to appreciate that relationship and enjoy it, and if you focus on what has gone wrong in your mind, you create more of the like.  It is absolutely essential that you learn to attend to your focus. 

It is the presence you bring to every moment that drives the outcome of your pathway.  So starting with appreciation, master cultivating it within you.  Once you have created that feeling authentically - you have the ability also to move to other states of feeling. You can intend to bring consciousness, divine harmony, love, power, peace, and so forth to any moment rather than be framed by another’s feelings.