Listening Like The Queen

Often we think of a leader as being the spokesperson for all.  While it might be true in the big meetings, a truly powerful leader listens for all.  That is the rare gift a leader can bring - to hear all the parts of the organization and speak for them all in synthesis with understanding and compassion.  

We all have leadership roles within our family, friends, workplaces, and communities. However, there’s a great way of applying this regardless of the circles you participate in and regardless of what you think your influence is. We all have something more important to offer the world, listening to ourselves.

Why is that so impactful?  The integration of the self is as profound as the hope we have of bringing the whole world into harmony.  Why?  Because the only way that level of peace can occur on a broad scale level is if we individually listen to, accept and love ourselves.  It is a profound beginning to creating a new and better world.  This is the one action towards world peace that we can all take.

When we carefully listen to our own hearts, our feelings, our inner landscape - it gives us the power to reclaim the lost parts of ourselves.  Then we can show up day by day living more authentically and in an integrated way.  

What does that look like?

  • Recognizing when the child inside you needs consoling
  • Being able to feel when you need to speak up in a situation in your life
  • Applying self-compassion to your struggles over and over
  • Being open to all your feelings so you don’t repress the less ‘pretty’ feelings like anger or grief 
  • Learning how to make decisions holistically, honoring all of you not just your mind

So listen, attend to your heart, bring together all the parts of you that are seeking reunion and embrace the hell out of them.  Love them into your being!  Love them into your wholeness!  Love yourself as if your life depended on it because it is deeply linked to the ultimate reunion with all that there is.