Dumping Discouragement

Have you ever felt discouraged about getting what you truly want? Whether it is a deeply loving relationship, a beautiful experience or a fulfilling job —do you sometimes want it so much you feel your fear of it not happening might be driving it away? 

Well the challenge is that the thing you need most - is often what you are lacking in that moment:  faith and confidence.  Quantum physics proved to the world that our mindset and expectations impact the outcome of all events.⁠1

It’s a bit more complex than we can cover here, but one of the magic ingredients to creating what you want is holding steady in your confidence.  It is choosing to believe that your desire is in motion and being created.  Once you know what you want and you’ve set your sights on it, your mindset will affect how rapidly something comes into being in your life.

So you might wonder, how do I do that when I’m really struggling? 

It’s true that the hardest time to have faith is when you feel low, discouraged and can’t see the way there.  Here are some key steps you can take to shift out of discouragement into confidence:

1.  First, let go of HOW it is going to happen.  That’s not your job to figure it out. Surrender and know your job is holding the vision of WHAT you want.  Letting yourself be unattached to how things show up is essential and supports them coming into creation.

2. Use your imagination.  Loosen up your thinking and play with the idea of what it will be like when it happens.  Paint a picture in your mind of you having this experience and try to use all your senses to imagine.  How is that going to feel in your body when it occurs?  What emotions and sensations do you experience?  Does your heart melt? Do you feel deep satisfaction?  Are you thrilled with excitement?

3.  Relax.  Understand that it is inevitable if you simply keep holding the vision.  So if you could remember that, how much could you relax and enjoy the journey to discovering what you want?  Could you release your pre-conceived ideas of a timeline as to when something was ‘supposed’ to happen to shift into more allowing of a state of being? 

There is great freedom in this.  There is great power in letting go and holding the vision of your life with confidence that you are a powerful creator of your heart’s desires.  Trust it is so (or just give it a solid experimental try) and see what magic shows up in your life.  Here’s to you -- having all that you desire.    

1 “…the subatomic particles (waves) being studied by the scientists responded to, and appeared as particles (solid objects), based on the individual thought of the scientist who was studying it. Therefore, it was the scientist’s mode of THINKING that determined what it would be! In other words, the energy being studied began taking form immediately based on the thoughts and beliefs of the scientist who was observing it.”