Finding the Flow

I had one of those days yesterday where I exchanged texts with someone who was very agitated and upset with me. I tried to remain peaceful and hold my center, but I got lost in feeling the other person’s upset even though I felt I had done nothing wrong.  Then a while later I found myself acting irritable with my daughter over a couple very small things.  I was definitely not in the flow of life.  Have you been there and wished you knew how to shift it? 

Well let’s talk about entrainment. Have you heard of the word?  It is the synchronization of an organism to an external rhythm or vibration.  It is as simple as experiencing the effect of someone’s mood picking you up or bringing you down.  It is simply being pulled into a more dominant vibration than your own.

But how do we direct our state of being rather than just be affected by the people and events around us?  

It boils down to choosing to focus your attention on that which you want to synchronize with.  It means paying close attention all throughout the day to how you feel.  Notice when you begin to feel off or down or sense a stressor in your life. Those things are real and it’s not about pretending they don’t exist, but the critical step is right after they happen… what do you do?

1.     Make a conscious, clear choice to change your experience.

2.     Take that moment to shift your focus to anything in the present that brings you a better feeling.  Then you begin to entrain to that as you hold your focus on it. 

3.     You just have to sustain that focus long enough to synchronize to the more positive energy. 

4. Don't give up until you actually feel the shift!

One of the easiest ways to shift your focus to a more positive place is to drop into your heart.   A study at the University of Arizona, uncovered that the brain entrains to the heart.  So let the heart take the lead! Focus on something that you love, that fills you with peace, unconditional love, joy or gratitude.  (Pinterest pictures of baby animals are a fallback help for me in this category!)

As you feel that focus in your heart grow, it will shift you back into the flow.

Another easy way is to change your environment.  Go outside into nature, do something different that feels fun, or go to your favorite place for a cup of tea or coffee.  Chances are you will begin to entrain to what’s around you quickly and be feeling better in no time.

Exploring the principle of entrainment may enable you to feel how much power you actually have over your feeling state, so you can move into the flow of life more easily.   

Becoming a master of your own vibrational alignment gives you the power to be in the flow of life more and more often.  You’ll feel in sync with all that is, know you are performing your best and things will unfold with greater ease.  It is one of the secrets to experiencing joy, a lightness of being and freedom in life.

Here’s a great article on entrainment if you are looking for more information. 

And if you need some help right now... visit my Pinterest Heart Expander board for fun!