The Hidden Invitation of Change

I’ve been going through huge change in my life, and I hate to admit it but often my reaction is fear. (I’m a bit of an idealist so I wish this wasn’t true).

The other day is I was doing some beautiful ceremonial work with two medicine women (shamans) and I had this epiphany about my life.  I’ve been going through a separation/divorce for over a year now and it has been beyond challenging (for all of us).  I received a message in one of those direct, knowing kind of ways that I wasn’t walking away from A to go to point B, but that my soul was opening me to a new life that was much fuller in love for every single person I interact with.  

Yes, it was asking me to ride out the transformation of the original marriage to a new shape and new family, but it wasn’t asking me to walk away completely.  It was asking me to love in a new way and to extend that love to all the people that will come into the family in the future.  The moment this idea came to me it took my breath away… I could actually TRUST this change.  It was asking me to walk a new path, but not to a scary place, it was asking me to rebirth my idea of what love and family means. 

This is the opportunity that arises each time we approach a change in life. It invites us to transform and rise to a new level in our lives. 

So I’ve been thinking about what I’ve learned related to opening to change with more ease.  And it essentially all boils down to TRUST.  

  • Do you trust what you can’t see? 
  • Do you trust the invitation to transform? 
  • Do you believe that change can be a gift?  (I do but I seem to have had to learn this more than once).

I invite you to think of change as asking you to trust embracing something new AND open your eyes to a broader array of possibilities.  

Let us know what change is unfolding in your life and how you have facilitated opening to it.

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