Which mode of creating life are you in?

I want to share something fascinating about your life that may help things go easier.  In fact, I want you to enJOY it as much as possible.  Life's been too hard for most of us, much of the time, so take a peek at this way of thinking about your creative capacity. 

When you are living your day to day life you are typically in one of three segments of creating. I share this in hopes that it may help you understand what you are experiencing, so that you can allow it to unfold with greater grace.  

You are often in one of these modes:

1. Processing an experience, feeling or emotion which needs integration for you to continue to move forward or expand

2. Creating a new experience through your attention, intention and/or actions 


3.  Enjoying your creations.  Experiencing the result of your thoughts, intentions, choices and inner landscape.

If you are feeling stuck or dissatisfied in your life in this moment, you might ask yourself - Which of these three modes am I in?

If processing (#1), then you might consider if you are allowing yourself to feel and integrate what has happened.  Maybe you need to rest or release some tears or anger or take a bath.  Perhaps you would benefit from taking a walk and doing nothing to create space for the integration to occur.

If you are creating anew (#2), you might consider how to elevate your thoughts, encourage your imagination, open yourself to inspiration and take action from the guidance of your most wise self to more powerfully create what you want.  Think: open to the possibilities!

If you are in the phase of experiencing the results (#3) of your creations and you like them - then you can just appreciate the moment and your capacity to shape your life. Enjoy the beauty you have allowed to enter into your day. 

If on the contrary your experience was not what you wanted then use it as inspiration to develop something different than you created.  Consider how the contrast is pointing you to focus more closely on where you really want to go.  It helps to trust that you are always moving towards that which you desire.  Every experience is a part of the unfolding of your true authentic self.  

You are a master of creation at heart and learning to live as one is a great adventure. 

Special acknowledgement to Daniel Scranton for the session that led to the heart of this information.