Who is Standing in Your Way?

When I was ten years old I decided I wanted to be a writer. I wrote a novel on a steno pad about an imaginary world populated by triffeds, in respectful imitation of The Hobbit which I adored. Then, I waited for permission to write a book for almost 30 years. I never let go of the dream but I stifled it with practical considerations and a schedule that was generally full seven days a week.

One day about ten years ago I decided that no one was ever going to give me permission to be a writer. I realized that the only person standing in the way of achieving my dream was ME and I wrote a collection of poetry. Since then I’ve written two more books and I’m currently working on a novel.
The most affirming truth about writing has been to discover the wisdom of my ten-year-old self. She was right that my vocation is to write. I am happy almost blissful when I am writing and it is incredibly satisfying to see my work in print. 

Do you have a cherished dream or aspiration? If so I want to encourage you to take five minutes (JUST five minutes) and try working on it.

If you don’t know what your big dream is, try taking a moment and asking your ten-year self “Is there something you dreamt of doing? Can you tell me now what it is?”

Or just try googling someone who inspires you and see what you can learn. 

I almost can’t believe this is happening! I was on a podcast talking about my newly published book because I’m an Author!
This week I’m the guest on Lauri Mackey’s podcast Lauri’s Lemonade Stand: Positivity Podcast for Women talking about my new book Confessions of a Failed Perfectionist. Next week Lauri will be hosting Laura as she talks about her new book Cosmology of Love: 70+ Ways to Give and Receive Love. Click the buttons below to hear this week!

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