Celebrating Your Wins

Last weekend was a wonderful experience.  Stephanie and I had our second book launch together, and the most profound part of it was the support of our communities.  

Have you felt that hesitancy to take a visible spot and be seen?  Have you struggled to allow yourself the limelight to celebrate what is rightly yours to enjoy? 

Being seen can be uncomfortable, or at least less comfortable than many other inferior experiences we’ve all had so many of (doubt, disappointment, fear, playing small).  

So what is a key to breaking that pattern?  We discovered one of them was community!  Stephanie is part of my community and probably the biggest advocate for me from day one to get my book written and published.  Many others contributed all along the way and I am so grateful for all of them - family, friends, coaches, collaborators, partners, muses and even unknown people at places like amazon.com even.  It takes a village to accomplish just about anything worth doing!  Right?


So when it came to celebrating having published our books, we called on our community to do that too.  We were blessed to have a launch party at Jennifer Hardaway’s fabulous store Phoebe Peacock in Burbank.

Tamara Brown showcased her amazing intention infused henna tattoos based on the symbols she developed for my book The Cosmology of Love.   

Stephanie also had the double pleasure of sharing some of her latest artwork at the store which you can find an online gallery of her wide ranging work here.

We were also graciously supported by RosaLinda Diaz the social networking diva, who moderated our author panel.  

Our books have already provided us many venues for speaking on podcasts and other venues, which we intend to do more as time goes on. But it all rests on letting go and overcoming the fear of being seen.  Something made so much easier by our supportive communities.

However, I gotta admit, we have both been clearly intentional about creating supportive community in the last decade or so of life.  It has grandly blessed us both. Thank you to each and every person who believed in us, contributed, supported and cheered us on.  

We welcome YOU to our new online community, and would love to hear what you’re proud of!  As Stephanie often says, “Don’t leave the planet without doing the one thing you have to do before you leave.”  Here is a taste of ours.  You can get hot off the press copies here

Laura Smith BiswasComment