Could you fall in love with yourself?

By Laura Smith Biswas There are many facets to love and loving relationships no doubt and not one single thought is going to cover all of them, but what I can tell you is that your love for yourself is a foundation.  There’s a saying that you can only treat other people about 10% better than you treat yourself.  So naturally we are all in this together.  Our relationship with ourselves dictates the quality of our relationships with others.  So what if you decided to fall in love with YOU?

Imagine you saw all of you, both your external characteristics and your inner ones, the heart, your intentions, your wounds, your pain - ALL of it.  Knowing your own story and every step you’ve taken in this life, what do you see? 

  • Who do you know yourself to be so far? 
  • What is there to appreciate? 
  • What do you feel compassion for in your experience? 
  • What could you forgive yourself for? 
  • What does yourself ask you to see in you?

We each walk an incredible journey in life, uniquely designed for our soul’s expansion and fulfillment.  Let yourself appreciate today what you can see about how you have walked that path.  How you have shown up in your life - with your family, in your work, with your friends and with yourself?  There is MUCH to love and appreciate about you.  Let it not go unnoticed. 

You are your own dream advocate. You are the usher of great love into your life.  Let it start here inside you.  

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