Raiders of the Lost Heart

By Laura Smith Biswas

Don’t we all love Indiana Jones? The idea of the intrepid adventurer risking his life seems so exciting and fun, add falling in love to that equation and we simple can’t resist. Many of us don’t see ourselves as brave enough to pursue these adventures or these romances. Our lives can sometimes seem dull by comparison.

I’ve been on a romantic adventure of my own lately writing my book, The Cosmology of Love.  It means I’ve been thinking about the ways to discover my own heart and the ways that we experience love. What could be a greater or more romantic adventure than discovering my own heart? That’s why I love the idea that Marcy Neumann, one of experts for The Self-Love Boot Camp, shared with me.  She suggested being your own Love Detective. ( In case you missed her interview we are sharing it here for a limited time.)

Get your adventurer mojo on and take expedition inward.  In this case you’ll be exploring what you love, value, cherish, treasure and care about on the deepest level. Here’s a fun way to get started. Pick up a little field notebook – I suggest something that you love and you can slip into your purse so you can’t ignore it.  (If you are a digital geek, then try a journal or note app that can remind you to log into it).

Notice and record what you love.  Be a detective, look deeply into your life and see if you can discover the mystery of what you genuinely love. Take your time and really look!

What sparks you?

What makes you feel alive?

What are you enjoying most in life?

What is delicious to you and you want more of?

Here’s a great little primer on how to take field notes.

You might notice things that you love such as hummingbirds, chocolate, the smell of orange blossoms or cashmere or experiences like having free time, feeling understood, holding yourself in compassion, or creatively expressing yourself or physical reactions to snuggles, making love with great care, or walking in the rain. Just be on the look-out, notice what you respond to and write it down. The next step is figure out how to get more of THAT in your life. Finding your way to your own heart is the beginning of a life of adventure you probably never imagined possible.