Self-ISH Love

By Stephanie Miller

Happy Valentine’s Day! Laura and I decided to launch The Love Mandala today because it is a day when people think about and talk about love. For some people today is an extremely unpleasant reminder that they are single in a world that pairs up. For others it is a time to celebrate a happy connection they share with a spouse, lover or friend. For some it is a time to contemplate the unfulfilled promise of a marriage or partnership that seems lacking. All of these are perfectly legitimate reactions to the global marketing frenzy that is Valentine’s Day.

Our purpose is something that, despite the selection of this day as our launch date, has almost nothing to do with the conventional ideas about love. Because our own personal paths (for more about that click here) both Laura and I have had a powerful experiences with profound power of self-love. For me that was the discovery that all my imperfections, irregularities and failings were part of what make me ME. It was also a release from hating things about myself that are less than perfect.

What happened to me was that I decided to genuinely explore who I really am. I decided to uncover and really examine the parts of myself I loathed, feared and ignored. It meant facing some hard truths. I’m prone to impatience, competitiveness and annoying inability to accept the way other people do things (like, say, drive their own car). My view of these things has changed from being qualities to be rooted out to being a part of the complex tapestry of who I am in the world. What I am is singular. Now I know that everything that I consider me is all good. There is not now, never has been, and never will be another Stephanie Miller. If I don’t learn to love an appreciate her, it’s doubtful that anyone else will.

So, we decided to launch our business by creating The Self-Love Boot Camp to help you discover self-compassion.  We collected together 32 experts who will share with your tools, techniques and healing modalities to change the way you are with yourself. It is our hope that these experts will help you make real and lasting change and have the life you’ve always dreamed of. Today, try loving being you.

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