Being as Opposed to Doing Life

By Laura Smith Biswas

I've thought more than a bit about love and how we express and experience it.  I wrote a book about it called The Cosmology of Love.  And while spending time writing it, I identified a variety of ways that we can give and may want to receive love.  Everything from our birth imprinting, daily experiences, biology and much more drive a beautiful diversity of preferences in life and make us unique.

One thing I've learned is that there are many ways of love that have more to do with how we are BE-ing than how we are DO-ing. Let me give you an example of a way of being that is one of my favorite demonstrations of love. When someone is fully attentive, looks me in the eyes or in other words - is completely all there, then I feel cherished, loved and appreciated.  They've just shown me PRESENCE.  My fun but chaotic childhood with 7 and eventually 11 other siblings over time, meant this was a critical way that I wanted to experience love in my relationships.

As you enter the gateway into December with so many holidays and opportunities to express your love, consider what is important to you to experience in the moments ahead.  It might help you slow down and enjoy Be-ing in the loving embrace of family and friends. 

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